2nd Beer Festival of Vyronas

A big celebration, not only with beer but also with music.

Sound Acts

Informed by the queer movement, the Sound Acts platform will present a number of performances exploring gender.

Education and Educational Reform

Presentation of a collective work paying tribute to Professor of History of Education Sifis (Josef) Bouzakis.

Athens Jewelry Week 2017

The aim of the event is to present to the wider public the specifics, diversity and artistic dimension of Contemporary Jewelry.

Yannis Gonatidis – Christos Chrysanthopoulos Archeion Taxis

A live museum about ethnic origin, gender, and religion in the city of Piraeus.

Grow Games expo 2017

The exhibition aims to demonstrate and promote to the audience, the country’s highly-skilled, emerging developers in the sector of video games.

Irini Margariti Citizens of Piraeus Open Their Homes to Us

In this performance, visitors will be admitted into people’s houses and will be given an excuse to explore the histories of others.

Nikos Diamantis – Faculty Of Theatre Studies Of The University Of Athens Bridging Diversities

Prayers and dreams, emotions and knowledge will collectively shape a number of activities at various points of Piraeus.

Public Art Festival: Survival

A number of talks, exhibitions, installations and performances in public spaces, tours, will take place within the framework Festival.

Sevasti Strongylou - Kaminia High School

A project of collaborative playwriting, aiming to produce a play on the semiotics of hats.

Improve your memory and other mental functions through play and fun.

This year’s symposium is focused on pain.

Kristoff K. Roll Duet In the Shadow of the Waves / Αn audio library of dream stories

The Kristoff K. Roll duet comes to Piraeus, where they will record locals’ dream narratives.

Ochi Paizoume – UrbanDig Project Omonia Station Making Wholes in the Square

Six vignettes/ stories will converge at the centre of the square. Six different people will head to Omonia.

Christos Chryssopoulos – Piraeus Open School For Immigrants Common Place

The programm indicates the importance of "school" as the ideal place of learning, understanding, dreaming, and, ultimately, living.

Thodoris Gonis National Garden

A poetic tour of the first organized green space in modern Greece.

Mkultra AfterLives

This workshop in progress will include site-specific performances in the centre of Athens and lectures by artists and architects on the uses of urban space.

The purpose of the Centre is to propagate astronomical knowledge to the public and particularly to students.

Liquid Antiquity

Liquid Antiquity includes a book, as well as 10 conversations with prominent artists and a site-specific video installation.

5th Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival

In this Festival, dancers, musicians, singers as well as intellectual people from Greece and abroad will participate.