GR80sGreece of the ’80s at the Onassis Cultural Centre

What do you remember from the ’80s? What would you keep and what would you throw away?

Workshops by artists from Syria, Greece and Germany Universitas

Artists from Syria, Greece and Germany offer creative workshops to migrants and Athenians.

Carnival at SNFCC

The festivities include live bands, a percussion ensemble, a DJ set by Palov etc..

Sunday Narratives at Mikrokosmos

The first screening is the award-winning film "A World Not Ours" (2012) by Mahdi Fleifel, which premieres in Athens.

Exile Room-February screenings: The Spanish Connection

Screening of the documentary: África 815, Belén. Experimental Documentary by Natalia Marín.

The purpose of this lecture is to provide relevant information on the process of composting, in the form of a users’ manual.

Sunday Lunch at Atrium Greek Bistrot

The Greek culture and gastronomy blends harmoniously with Mediterranean flavours.

The traditional carnival in the House of Angeliki Hatzimichali

Exhibition with carnival visual material, traditional carnival costumes, masks, photographs and texts from various regions of Greece.

Curatorial open call: metamatic:taf 2017

The selected curator or curatorial team will realize the proposed exhibition.

New Seminar: Audio-Visual Anthropology Practice

Pursuing and realizing a film project based on theories that are debated in more recent Audio-Visual Anthropolgy discourse.

Vinyl is back

The 10th-vinyl three-day event returns with lots of surprises and live music.

Exhibition: GR80s. The Greece of the 80s at Technopolis

The aim of the exhibition is the reconstruction of the public and private life of this decade through 4,000 exhibits.

A network that "communicates"  the conjoining of physical space with the digital world.

For those who seek an even more advanced level of knowledge in gardening, this workshop presents the monthly tasks.

Creative Writing Courses in the Creative Writing School Harmony and Creativity

Learn to write short stories, fairy tales, novels, and let your imagination and creativity run free.

Open Doors

The purpose of the Centre is to propagate astronomical knowledge to the public and particularly to students and to inform the public about new astronomical discoveries.

Traditional dance workshop for adults

Through dancing, participants learn about the folklore of traditional dances and at the same time.

Let's do it Greece 2017

Let's join forces in every corner of Greece and clean the whole country in just one day!

Night Tour at National Observatory of Athens

The goal of the Center is twofold: to inform the general public on a wide number of Astronomy related topics.