Talk/Presentation Europe in the Face of Populism

The discussion explores the political future of Europe and the challenge posed by populism, a rising trend threatening the European venture

Rallou Panagiotou exhibition Incorporeal Bundles

Rallou Panagiotou creates sculptural topologies with composite materiality and formal conciseness.

Korean Film Festival 2017

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korea Foundation present the Athens Korean Film Festival at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.

déshabillé  Maria Loizidou

In between the gesture of making and the gesture of use, the artist proposes a system of narrative production.

Robert Wilson’s light sculpture La Traviata

Wilson designed this work of art as a tranquil composition with gentle color transitions and simple light bars around three axes.

Open House Athens 2017

For one weekend, private and public buildings open their gates to everyone for free and the city is transformed to a big museum.

Dean Manning exhibition Νearer To Closer

A multi-media installation that finds the transcendental potential contained within often unremarkable objects and everyday scenarios.

Let's do it Greece 2017

Let's join forces in every corner of Greece and clean the whole country in just one day!

Exile Room-March screenings: Catch Me If You Can

Screening of the documentary: Art and Craft (2014), Tickled (2016).

Sophia Petrides: No Hope For Death

A site-relevant and selective exhibition of Sophia Petrides’ multipart sound film Breathing with the Room.

Team exhibition Si Sedes Non Is

An alchemical squat at The Breeder, curated by Milovan Farronato, opening on April 6th 2017.

Comicdom Con Athens 2017

The Greek festival exclusively devoted to comics, Comicdom Con Athens, opens its doors to the public for the 12th consecutive year.

Figures of Apostolos Georgiou

The figures of Apostolos Georgiou visiting the Athens Concert Hall through a series of paintings.

''White Power'' installation by Nikos Tranos

Zoumboulakis Galleries presents the installation ''White Power'' by Nikos Tranos.

1 in 2 exhibition by Fiona Mouzakiti and George Vlassopoulos

The group exhibition “1 in 2” delves into the dualistic nature of ideas and emotions through the prism of visual arts.

Nella Golanda exhibition-The intervention of ​​space: from Engravings to the Populated Sculpture Landscapes

The interventions in public spaces suggest the humanization of public space, constituting the backbone of her projects.

Giannis Mamoujis ceramics exhibition

Giannis Mamoujis presents 40 ceramic compositions, after many years of experimentation with these materials.

Dimos Kipouros Exhibition Parallel Stories

Dimos Kipouros, a modern dandy, using material oils and the canvas, creates familiar images.

Our visitors also browsed:
Robert Wilson’s light sculpture "La Traviata"
Wilson designed this work of art as a tranquil composition with gentle color transitions and simple light bars around three axes.