Amir Reza Koohestani Hearing

A minimal yet epic work on the Kafkaesque Iranian reality from an award-winning director and dramatist.

Fast Forward Festival 4

A contemporary festival, reclaiming public and private spaces in Athens and Piraeus, taking place within a fortnight.

Forced Entertainment Complete Works: Table Top Shakespeare

In Complete Works the dynamic force of narrative is explored in a simple and idiosyncratic summary of Shakespeare’s plays.

Stand up Comedy - ​Summer Comedy Party

Stand-up comedians and improv comedians will meet on the stage and jointly create an interactive, summer comedy party.

Afsaneh Mahian – Shieveh Theatre Company From the Basement to the Roof by Mahin Sadri

This documentary drama tells the story of “The Yellow Dogs,” an underground rock band from Tehran.

Nikita Milivojević The Bridge on the Drina Based on Ivo Andrić’s novel of the same name

The story of a bridge, a fixed point of reference over the centuries while everything around it comes and goes.

Simos Kakalas – Choros Theatre Company ​Greek Freak- all star game

Direction: Simos Kakalas. Material compiled by: Simos Kakalas - Dimitris Kalakidis. Cast: Simos Kakalas, Dimira Kouza, Michalis Valassoglou.

Nikos Chatzopoulos Moonstruck by Pavlos Liasides

Direction: Nikos Chatzopoulos. Cast: Marina Argyridou, Andri Theodotou, Kleitos Komodikis, Giorgis Tsouris.

Milo Rau - International Institute of Political Murder Empire

Actors from Greece, Syria and Romania recount stories of torture, flight, mourning, death and rebirth.

René Pollesch I Love you, but I’ve Chosen Entdramatisierung

In this piece, Pollesch investigates notions of home/non-home, communication and miscommunication.

Vassilis Noulas - Nova Melancholia Maritime Hot Baths

Based on short stories by Elias Papadimitrakopoulos.

Angeliki Girginoudi – Vice Versa Pentecost by David Edgar

David Edgar’s play tackles immigration, religious rivalries, the role of art in society, and its exploitation in the hands of certain interest groups.

Elli Papakonstantinou - Odc Ensemble Louisette: The Backstage of Revolution

​Direction: Elli Papakonstantinou. Cast: Adrian Frieling, Dafni Markaki, Antonis Primikyris, Alkistis Polychroni, Roza Prodromou...

Herbert Fritsch Murmel Murmel / Mumbling by Dieter Roth

The hilarious, madcap performance employs fourteen actors who continually mumble the book’s single word "Murmel".

Maria Savva – Theatre Company Paiktes The Awakening of Memory. Child Refugees of the Greek Civil War

This production is based on historical documents and personal testimonies. ​Dramaturgy - Direction: Maria Savva

Lilo Baur The girl who falls and falls and falls

Based on short stories by Dino Buzzati. ​Direction: Lilo Baur. Cast: Maria Kallimani, Kostas Filippoglou, Giorgos Symeonidis...

blitz The Institute of Global Solitude - Inspired by Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain

The Institute of Global Solitude is an absurd comedy about loneliness in the city and loneliness under an empty sky.

Julien Gosselin - Si vous pouviez lécher mon cœur Les Particules élémentaires/ Atomised by Michel Houellebecq

Julien Gosselin adapts Michel Houellebecq’s award-winning, controversial, 1998 novel Les Particules élémentaires.

Georgia Mavragani - Happy End Theatre Company Suddenly, Last Summer” by Tennessee Williams

Translation - Direction: Georgia Mavragani. Cast: Maria Kechagioglou, Vangelis Abatzis, Evdoxia Androulidaki, Anna Mascha, Grigoris Ballas.

Zoe Chatziantoniou The Chair Women by Werner Schwab

​Translation: Giorgos Depastas. Direction: Zoe Chatziantoniou. Cast: Maria Katsiadaki, Evi Saoulidou.

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