Presenting for the first time the unpublished sound track from the movie Ferrara "Faccia di spia", along with famous songs.

With his new Endless Love, Hoyem welcomes us with his typical nostalgic voice.

Mavrikios is staging a production-in-progress based on Roidis’ celebrated Pope Joan and the writer’s close relationship with his mother.

Diane Katsiaficas is a visual storyteller with stories of social consciousness.

The great pianist, Ludovico Einaudi, will visit our country for the second time with his piano and an orchestra with eleven members.

Al.Tatge and Th. Steeleʼs work is based on a mutual interest to explore the relationship between the verbal and the intuitive and gestural.

30 projects in four sections and different base materials, which belong to the Foundation Catherine Laskarides and in a private collection.

Artists: Stefanos Kamaris, Babis Karalis, Dimitris Protopappas.

Roma: "Mysterious people" whose identity is lost in the mists of time and faraway places.

“Dieleusis” Multiplex presents George Vassiliou's painting exhibition "(In)Visible Transitions"

Elika Gallery presents the solo exhibition of Nikos Kanarelis Quiet Life.

A jazz evening with melodies by D. Ellington, C. Porter, and J. Kern.

Directly from West End and Broadway, directed by F. Evangelinos. Cast: Y. Kapoutzidis, F. Sergoulopoulos and P. Petrakis.

The photographer focuses on the interior of his house groping for his personal journey and the formation mechanisms of the "I".

The famous Canadian writer Margaret Atwood discusses with Thanasis Lalas on "Dystopias, and the Greek influence on them".

A discussion in English on opera and its reception by the public, as part of the int. series of discussions entitled Battle of Ideas.

Stephen Tsialis with a cosmopolitan programme that completely suits the hosting venue.

Τhe enchanting show featuring 52 world-class acrobats, musicians, dancers, clowns, singers and characters, will be in Athens.

Zoumboulakis Galleries will present some of the most interesting photos we come across in social media.

Latin World Music Singer/ Guitarist Nacha Mendez performs music from a few Spanish speaking countries of the world.